Our Services

What We Focus On:


Computerized Engine Diagnostics

With state of the art equipment and our professional certified technicians, we have the ability to diagnose your vehicle concern and determine what repairs are needed to keep you safe on the road.


Complete Suspension Repair

Your suspension system helps you stay in control when you are on the road. Rock Auto Service will help you ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system in proper function.



Brakes are important components on your vehicle as they directly impact performance and handling. Keeping them in good working condition will help ensure your safety on the road. Rock Auto Service is your full-service auto shop for complete brake service for your vehicle.


Transmission Repair

A faulty transmission can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance. Regular transmission maintenance can help prevent transmission problems, but if you experience any warning signs of transmission trouble, contact us today about transmission repair.


Air Conditioning Service

Rock Auto Service has professional technicians that are certified to diagnose and repair all components in your air conditioning system including the A/C compressor, condenser, blower motor, relays, cooling fans and more.


Cooling Systems

Our professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair all components in your cooling system including the radiator, thermostat, water pump, belts and more.


Engine Tune-ups

A tune-up is also one of the most effective ways to prevent unexpected engine trouble. Engine diagnostics and regular engine tune-ups can help extend the life of your vehicle and improve the health of your engine. During an engine tune-up, we may replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, and distributor cap and rotor in your vehicle. Our technicians will also check emission levels, fuel lines, and belts and hoses.


Tire Replacement and Balancing

Tires are all that stands between you and the road and it’s important to keep them in the best shape for your safety. We offer tire repair, alignments, tire balancing and tire rotation to help keep your tires healthy. We also sell brand new tires from trusted manufacturers as Firestone, Mastercraft and more. Tire purchases carry our road hazard guarantee to protect your investment.

We Give You Real-time Updates While We Work


Review your inspection from your phone   

We send inspection results with photos through text or email - your choice. No need to wait for the phone to ring.

See an overview of your car health   

One quick look gives an overall health of vehicles condition! We prioritize the needed repairs based on safety, reliability, and comfort.

Inspection details are just a click away   

Each inspection point has accurate and descriptive information to help you see what we see during your vehicle’s inspection.


Our Process



We have a seven step diagnostic repair process to save precious time. We perform digital inspections. We send photos, notes and recommendations via text or email with a full vehicle diagnosis. Your car information is saved as well as all pending recommendations for your vehicle.



With our customized multi-point digital inspection we guarantee our repairs are transparent. Each customer will see what needs to be fixed and why. The inspection report will be texted or emailed along with photos illustrating need repairs. This allows response time to be quicker and easier.



We save your vehicle information allowing Rock Auto Service to automatically remind you when your next oil change is due, further car maintenance, and more.



This is probably the best place to take your vehicle, in my opinion. They have fair prices, they communicate clearly, they treat their customers with respect and kindness, if you give them your phone number they send you links to their site that shows you what all they found wrong about your car. I have never been to a shop that does all of that. I highly recommend Rock Auto Service.


"Great service as always. Good recommendation for future problems. Price great. Guaranteed service. Very trustworthy mechanic!"


"I would give Rock Auto a solid 6 stars! Always great service. I’m always confident that the job will be diagnosed accurately and done in a timely manner. Pricing is fair and honest, Scott and his staff are kind and friendly. Recommend!"


"Very professional and knowledgeable. They contacted me at every step and got the job done quickly. Highly recommend Rock Auto Service."



We appreciate your business and trust in our diagnostics and repairs. We look forward to repairing and maintaining your vehicles in the future!

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